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What is PEMF?

PEMF stands for Pulsed Electronic Magnetic Field. This is a pulsed electro-magntetic  field that is introduced to the body through a coil or attachment placed on the body that helps to "reset" unhealthy cells, allowing them to restore to a normal function.  PEMF is thought to improve the cells abilities to absorb oxygen and nutrients while getting rid of toxins which results in a reduction of inflammation(pain), improved recovery times and performance. 

Who We Are

A & J's = Alison and Jay Bullington. We are both retired park rangers who worked for the National Park Service for 30 years. We enjoyed our adventures in the NPS and started A & J's PEMF Wellness so that we continue to perform a job that we enjoy and to be of service to others.  Alison is the primary practitioner​ and is certified by Magna Wave and the Association of PEMF Proffessionals (AOPP) since 2019.  Jay has more recently retired and is working on his certification. 

PEMF is for Pets and People too!

This photo is of my cat, Jethro, as you can see he agrees with my horse, Kasper pictured above, that PEMF is just the most relaxing, healing energy ever. The zoom paddle has a different feel but the  same results as the coils and is incorporated  into sessions in various ways.  I often find I use this attachment on the hocks or hooves of my livestock clients.  

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