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​B​enefits of Equine Sports Massage​​​​

  • Relaxes and softens tired muscles ​
  • Aids in preparation for an​d recovery from strenuous workouts or competition
  • Increases blood flow 
  • Helps reduce or eliminate pain, tension and discomfort
  • Increases range of motion 
  • Helps reduce spasm and cramping
  • Aids in reducing post-exercise soreness
Assists in improving athletic performance!

 Certified by Therasage EMC, May 2021

I, Alis​on Bullington, completed a 4 day, hands on course, held in Whitesboro, TX in May, 2021, presented by Greg Sage L.M​.T./E.S.T.  I thoroughly enjoyed this course, the challenges and the opportunity to add to my knowledge, skills, and services for animals.  I was required to take a written exam which included basic anatomy and terminology and to demonstrate the massage technique for the instructor.  

    I have been able to utilize the information and techniques that I learned in this course and apply it to all of my 4-legged clients.  Massage is not just for equines, all livestock animals can benefit. 

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