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LZR Ultrabright, 12.5 mW​

  • Powerful infrared and red light
  • Penetrates easily, several inches into the body
  • Gently warms the area its used on
  • Safe, will not hurt you or your animals eyes
  • Quick and effective
  • Covers a broader area than a pinpoint laser beam so that the operator doesn't need to be as exact to have same effects as a laser beam. 
  • Aids in healing wounds, relaxing muscles, and can be used in a painting motion along the body's meridians/muscles

I've seen muscles in spasm and watched them relax after 2 minutes of LZR Ultrabright. It was amazing!   It can be done by request as a small add on to a PEMF/equine massage session or as needed during a regular scheduled sessions. 

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